an extensive operation or sphere of activity controlled by one person or group

One group today has more foreign military bases than any other in world history, spends more on violence and domination than the rest of the world combined, and has overthrown or attempted to overthrow some 60 governments, most of them democracies.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Obama Supports Chemical Weapons Attacks Against Civilians

Since overwhelming US public opposition (and other factors) forced Obama to cancel the vote for his neo-con/neo-liberal war of aggression against Syria, and Assad's chemical weapons are being dismantled (much faster than those belonging to the US), US propagandists are trying to credit Obama with avoiding war and reducing chemical weapons.

It is so obvious that Obama is in favor of war (having waged illegal war of aggression against over nine countries and having tried to wage open war of aggression against Syria, in addition to "covert" aggression - illegally funding jihadist proxy forces) that investigating the claim that he is against war is not necessary to disprove it.

However, due to the effectiveness of the US propaganda system, people seem to have more trouble understanding that Obama is also in favor of using chemical weapons (and other illegal weapons) against civilians, IF it is done by the US or a US ally/client.

What this means is that Obama is not against chemical weapons, or their use against civilians; he is simply against the existence of governments that are not subordinate to the US, such as Syria, and will use whatever propaganda he can to persuade people to let him illegally attack such countries, in the hope of achieving US dominance over these countries and weakening US "enemies", such as Iran, Russia, and China.  This is of course all achieved through aggression, imperialism, and the butchering of people other than Obama, his wife, his kids, and his friends.

To demonstrate Obama's approval of depravities such as chemical and other illegal weapons attacks and crimes, including against civilians (i.e. terrorism) by the US and US allies/clients, let's go to the record:

Historical data show a strong connection between US involvement in international situations and an increase in terrorist attacks against the United States. - US Department of Defense, 1997
Patriotism demands of the individual citizen, as a practical matter, that he yield his judgement, his property, and even his life to whatever gang of scheming politicians happen to be in power. The essence of his virtue as a patriot is that he ask no questions, once the band is set to playing. - H.L. Mencken 
We are a nation of laws. - Barack Obama  
  • In violation of US and international law, Obama has shielded Bush administration war criminals from prosecution, not only for torture and aggression (the single worst - in fact the supreme crime under international law), but for the war crimes of using chemical weapons against Iraq, including against civilians: white phosphorous, depleted uranium, mustard gas, nerve gas, and napalm.
    • Obama has even appointed a Bush era torturer to high government office.
      • Obama has fought multiple court cases brought against Bush era torturers - fought on the side of the torturers, that is, to protect them from prosecution
      • Law requires prosecuting war criminals, but Obama is defending them
      • Water-boarding is a War Crime under US and International law
      • The USA considers water-boarding a crime when it is done by others.  For example, the USA convicted Japanese torturers for water-boarding during WW2
      • Water boarding was a favored torture method of the Spanish Inquisition
      • At least 100 people have been tortured to death by the USA since 9/11/01, and at least half of those cases were deliberate homicides.  Many of these people are designated, in official military records, as civilians.
      • The USA incorporated 54 countries into an illegal international torture ring
        • South America, with some of the most experience in being tortured by the USA and its proxies, was the only continent to completely refuse participation in the torture ring
    • Birth defects in Iraq since the illegal US invasion of Iraq have, thanks to the USA's use of the WMD nuclear-radioactive depleted uranium, spiked to levels higher than in Hiroshima after the USA nuked it with an atomic bomb.  
    • Obama has specifically said chemical attacks are "unacceptable", but has said zero about any of the many, many chemical attacks that have been carried out or supported by the US against foreign nations, as well as domestically against the US and its citizens; he has said nothing of the people in the US who authorized and carried out or supported these attacks (including himself) and who are currently being harbored and sheltered by the USA
    • Obama has made nothing of the US's ongoing use of nuclear-radioactive depleted uranium weapons in Afghanistan, under Obama's command.
  • In violation of US and international law, Obama has done nothing to prosecute US war criminals who used chemical weapons against civilians in Vietnam, despite this being an urgent, ongoing crisis. 
    • Three ounces of DDT, put into the water supply, could kill everyone in New York City.  
      • The USA sprayed 500 pounds of DDT over Vietnam. 
      • The USA has paid zero in reparations to Vietnam.  In fact Vietnam is being forced to pay reparations to the USA.  Obama has said nothing of this.  
  • In violation of US and international law, Obama has done nothing to prosecute US war criminals who ordered and carried out sarin gas attacks in Vietnam, Laos, and elsewhere, as well as many other chemical attacks around the world, such as US chemical attacks against civilians in Panama.   
  • In violation of US and international law, Obama has done nothing to prosecute US war criminals for using nuclear radioactive depleted uranium and cluster bombs against civilians in Yugoslavia, resulting in mass civilian casualties and mass ecological destruction, including the nuclear radiation spread from the depleted uranium coated bombs and shells.
  • In violation of US and international law, Obama has done nothing to prosecute US war criminals who provided Saddam Hussein with mustard gas, sarin gas, and other chemical weapons, along with plans for building chemical weapons facilities and technology to make missiles to deploy them, and gave Hussein intelligence and diplomatic support to use them against Iranians and Kurds, killing roughly 1.5 million of them (not to mention the roughly 500,000 or more Iraqis killed in that US-supported war of aggression).
    • Of the European countries who also provided Hussein with chemicals, etc., only one Dutch businessman, Frans van Anraat, has been sentenced to 17 years for complicity in war crimes for providing chemicals to Hussein.  He was sentenced only for complicity in war crimes, and not also complicity in genocide, because it could not be proven that he knew exactly what Hussein would do with the chemicals.  
    • In the case of the US, Washington removed Hussein from the US sanctions list in 1982 and hand-approved 771 shipments to him, then coordinated with him to use the chemical weapons against Iranians and Kurds. 
      • This means that all US officials involved, which go up to the highest levels, are guilty of complicity in both war crimes and genocide. 
      • Illegally, Obama has said nothing of any of this, and instead has praised the criminals for various reasons, and has gone out of his way to protect some of the criminals who were complicit these crimes (such as Donald Rumsfeld - see here) from prosecution for subsequent crimes of torture and aggression. 
  • In violation of international law, Obama has escalated the US war of aggression against Afghanistan.
    • When Obama became president, there were 32,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. He escalated to over 100,000 troops, plus contractors.
    • Currently he is trying to keep troops in Afghanistan until “2024 and beyond.”
    • The USA spends 10 million dollars per hour on its war of aggression against Afghanistan
    • Obama has continued using the US-installed and backed Karzai government to carry out a gas pipeline project that the US has been working towards since 1979 when it waged jihadist proxy war against Afghanistan's stable government with rights for women, and brought the Taliban into power, and tried to get the Taliban to control all of Afghanistan and agree to US gas pipeline demands, up until 9/11/01, after which the US invaded and took to setting the project up on its own terms.  Details here
    • After Hillary Clinton initially guaranteed backing for Chevron to build the gas pipeline, Obama sent his own personal letter to the president of Turkmenistan, backing Chevron and "emphasizing a common interest in helping develop Afghanistan and expressing [his] support for TAPI [pipeline] and his desire for a major U.S. firm to construct it." (WSJ))
    • As stated in the Wall Street Journal article, quoted above, the US must be the one to build the pipeline, because if it does not, others, such as Iran, Russia, and China, might be "tempted to take it up", which would "greatly enhance" their "voice in Afghanistan and the region".  So it needs to be the USA illegally invading Afghanistan, sending our kids to die and murder, so the US will have a strong "voice" and "credibility".  
      • Is everyone itching to volunteer their kids to keep fighting the US-installed Taliban, which is funded mainly by US-backed Saudi Arabia, which the Obama regime, in 2013, sent almost 61 billion dollars worth of lethal weapons, some illegal, in the biggest weapons shipment in US history?  Remember, the pipeline project is "marketable", and "several financial institutions have already expressed interest."  Who wouldn't want to sacrifice themselves and their children for that while investors sit back in plush skyscraper offices and reap massive profits?
  • In violation of US law, Obama waged war of aggression against Libya in 2011, fighting on the same side as and supporting Al Qaeda as it overran the country. 
    • This illegal attack and many other actions make Obama a war criminal.
    • Libya is now a failed state where fighting political and religious groups murder unarmed protesters. 
    • The USA had been trying to murder Gadhafi for years, but had only succeeded in murdering his daughter and other civilians.  
    • Gadhafi was guilty of such crimes as helping Nelson Mandela fight apartheid South Africa when it was being strongly supported, essentially singularly in the world, by the USA.  He was also guilty of instituting social programs that helped the poor, using Libyan oil profits to help the poor, and instituting in Libya the highest minimum wage of any Middle Eastern country.  US rulers do not tolerate such things anywhere they can help it, as Obama showed in supporting (alone on Earth - isolationist) the fascist military overthrow of Honduras' democracy in 2009.
    • Gadhafi's having been in power for many years did not separate him from US allies.  What did was the above policies, which made him an obstacle to, rather than a tool of, US hegemony over the Middle East and international finance system.  Details here.
    • "Before the bombing Libya was the richest country in Africa and on track to attain all the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). After the bombing it is likely Libya will not attain any of the MDGs and it has become a failed State."  (here)
  • Obama has shipped tear gas and/or other weapons to countries including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Honduras, to be used against protesters trying to overcome US-backed fascism and dictatorship and achieve democratic control over their lives.  
    • Obama's aid to Egypt, for example, is illegal because of the bloody military coup, and yet Obama continues aid to Egypt to support the repressive, murdering, authoritarian military government and keep them as an ally, while Amnesty International reports that the US-supported military has escalated violence and repression to unprecedented levels, which includes having slaughtered thousands of unarmed poor people (example on video here) protesting the overthrow of their fairly, democratically elected president.
    • Aid to Honduras is also illegal because of the current Obama-backed repressive, right wing government that has illegally taken power by military coup
    • "The Obama administration... repeatedly supplied arms to the regime in Bahrain as they brutally crushed democratic protesters."
  • Obama supports democracy destruction: So-called "leftist" Obama backed an extremist right-wing, fascist military dictatorship in a coup to overthrow Honduras's democracy in 2009.  The coup succeeded and was condemned by the entire world in the UN General Assembly. 
    • The Obama-backed military coup destroyed a democracy that was making great strides in reducing the poverty that has been brought on by thirty years of US-backed repression in Honduras. 
    • The improvements have been sharply reversed by the right wing, Obama-backed military dictatorship that has illegally taken power and used Obama-provided tear gas and other forms of terrorism to repress the population, exposing the Obama/neo-liberal agenda for what it really is: simple right wing imperialism - which means robbery; surrounding the poor with guys with guns so they can be robbed by US and international corporate elite.
    • "The central-American nation of Honduras is now ruled by an extremist far-right government today, a fascist junta-imposed government, because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The lives of all but the top 0.001% of the population there are hell because of this. Those people now have good reason to hate America. The reputation of the United States has gone down under President Obama, throughout almost all countries, and this hell in Central America is a significant part of the reason for that, but the U.S. news media have paid pathetically little attention to this U.S.-caused hell there, and so most Americans don't even know about it." (here)
    • "Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State had already displayed a record of carrying out the policies that were being promoted by her lobbyist friends, when she did everything possible, early in President Obama's first term, to support U.S. funding for the fascist junta in Honduras that perpetrated a coup d'etat on 28 June 2009 overthrowing that nation's popular progressive democratically elected President, and who then installed their own regime, and promptly placed their country into a continuing violent terror that caused Honduras ever since to be the nation with the highest murder rate in the world." (here)
    • "Though all international organizations called the Honduran coup illegitimate, and refused to recognize the leader chosen by its junta, the Obama Administration... came out for Honduras's fascists." (here)
    • The Obama regime's "statements were widely publicized in the Honduran media and helped to bolster the dictatorship. Perhaps more ominously, the Obama administration has not said one word about the atrocities and human rights abuses perpetrated by the coup government. Political activists have been murdered, independent TV and radio stations have been shut down, journalists have been detained and intimidated, and hundreds of people arrested.  There was now, again as under Bush, widespread revulsion against the U.S. throughout Latin America. The U.S. was now the only power sustaining the Honduran junta's government." (emphasis added) (here)
    • "Nearly a hundred scholars signed a public letter saying that if only the U.S. were to come out clearly against the coup, "the coup could easily be overturned," because only the U.S. was keeping the coup regime in power (via banking and other crucial cooperation with the coup government). The U.S. was key, and it chose to turn the lock on the Honduran prison, and leave its victims to be murdered." (ibid)
    • "Without Obama, Honduras's fascists would have been defeated. Obama's refusal to employ either his financial and banking power or his bully pulpit, and Hillary's outright support of the fascist junta, together sealed the deaths of many thousands of Hondurans. The U.S. thus, single-handedly among all nations, kept Honduras's newly-installed fascist regime in power. A U.S. professor who specialized in Honduras, Orlando Perez, said that Obama did this probably because he concluded "that Honduras' political, military and economic elite wouldn't accept Zelaya's return"; in other words, that Obama wanted to serve Honduras's aristocracy, regardless of the Honduran public"
      • "The results for Hondurans were hellish. On 11 April 2011, McClatchy Newspapers bannered"Honduran Police Ignore Rise in Attacks on Journalists, Gays," and reported that within just those almost-two years, Honduras had become "the deadliest country in the hemisphere," because of the soaring crime-rate, especially against homosexuals and against journalists." (ibid)
      • During this, "The US has allocated $45 million in new funds for military construction," including expansion of the U.S. air base that had participated in the 2009 coup.
      • "By supporting this new Honduran regime, Obama and Hillary assisted the outsourcing of clothes-manufacturing jobs, etc., to such police-states. International corporations would be more profitable, and their top executives and controlling stockholders would reap higher stock-values and capital gains and bigger executive bonuses, because of such fascist operations as the 2009 coup." (ibid)
      • "The business community didn't like Zelaya [the democratically elected Honduran president ousted in the illegal, Obama/Clinton-backed coup] because he raised the minimum wage. Conservative evangelicals and Catholics - including Opus Dei, a formidable presence in Honduras - detested him because he refused to ban the 'morning after' pill. The mining, hydroelectric and biofuel sector didn't like him because he didn't put state funds and land at their disposal. The law-and-order crowd hated him because he apologized on behalf of the state for a program of 'social cleansing' that took place in the 1990s. ... Zelaya likewise moved to draw down Washington's military presence; Honduras, alone among Central American countries, hosts a permanent detachment of US troops." Later that same year (2009), John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, came out with his newHoodwinked, in which he said (p. 213): "I was told by a Panamanian bank vice president who wanted to remain anonymous, 'Every multinational knows that if Honduras raises its hourly [minimum-wage] rate, the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean will have to follow. Haiti and Honduras have always set the bottom.'" The increase in Honduras's minimum wage was widely cited as having probably been the coup's chief source. (ibid)
      • The US Department of State had prior knowledge of the coup. The Department of State and the US Congress funded and advised the actors and organisations in Honduras that participated in the coup. The Pentagon trained, schooled, commanded, funded and armed the Honduran armed forces that perpetrated the coup and that continue to repress the people of Honduras by force. (here)
    • More info HERE and HERE (second link is to video that includes terrorized Honduran students holding up cans of tear gas with "Made in USA" printed on it)
    • This is just another in a LONG, long line of US-backed right wing coups in Latin America.  This book lists and gives details on them all: Rogue State, by William Blum.  Link
  • Obama is illegally supporting neo-Nazi and fascist groups, and others, in an effort to bring Ukraine into the US empire:
    • [US ambassador Nuland's] remarks confirm that there is no confusion whatsoever within the Obama administration that it is working in partnership with fascist movements in Ukraine.
    • As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (here) noted: "The US wants Ukraine to join [the EU and NATO] so it can become a location for more of Washington’s missile bases against Russia."
    • Details here
  • "Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest supporter of militant Islamic groups such as the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba, and the Saudi government is reluctant to stem the flow of money", then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a 2009 cable obtained by Wikileaks.
    • Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most “significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” according to the Clinton cable.
    • Drew C. Bailey, a spokesman for the state department, declined to comment on the cable.
    • The USA carried out the worst terrorist bombing of 1985 in Beirut, Lebanon, with the help of Saudi Arabia.  The bombing killed 80 people, mostly women and girls, and wounded hundreds
    • The Obama regime has also been aware, since it took office, of the Saudi government's apparent funding of 9/11: link
      • Obama, following Bush, has kept classified the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report on Saudi Arabia
        • Members of congress who have read this part of the report say it is absolutely shocking and are now demanding that the information be made public.
        • Word has leaked of the Saudi government's funding for 9/11.  US citizens are currently suing Saudi Arabia over it: link, and see here, and here
    • Since revelations of the Obama regime's documented awareness of these Saudi government links to terror, including massive terror against the US, Obama has vastly increased US weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.  Examples:
      • In 2013, Obama shipped almost one billion dollars worth of illegal cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia. 
      • In 2013, Obama sent the biggest single weapons shipment in history, 60 billion dollars worth of lethal weapons, to Saudi Arabia.
      • On September 16, 2013, Obama simply waived a federal statute making it illegal to offer material support to known terrorist organizations.
      • When asked about women trying to obtain the right to drive cars in Saudi Arabia, instead of using it as a reason to condemn the country, as the US does with non-client states, John Kerry said "that debate is best left to Saudi Arabia."  Hillary Clinton, supposedly the bastion of women's rights but in reality a simple war-monger, said less.  Link.
      • Obama's unprecedentedly gigantic (and conveniently timed) increase in support to Al Qaeda and Taliban sponsor Saudi Arabia during Al Qaeda's terrorist war against Syria, which Obama supports, and while Obama says the US "needs" to stay in Afghanistan because it just can't beat that Taliban, is highly suspect, to say the least
      • To say more, we know that Bush started the training and funding of jihadists in at least 2006, working closely with Saudi Arabia and Jordan, with the goal of using them to overthrow Syria and Iran.  Obama then seamlessly continued these plans (which are ongoing), largely under the direction and insistence of Hillary Clinton.  Info here, and here
      • Here is a report on Saudi Arabia shipping weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria: link.  The USA is helping these weapons get to the terrorists fighting against Syria, and is also hugely supporting Saudi Arabia.   
      • (Note: The terrorist war against Syria is the fifth time the USA has funded, supported, trained, and/or fought on the same side as Al Qaeda: Afghanistan in the 80s, Bosnia and Kosovo in the 90s, Libya in 2011, and Syria since 2006 at least, with the USA's original operations against Syria ongoing since 1957.)    
      • "The Obama White House has repeatedly affirmed its “strong partnership” with the Saudi tyranny."
      • "After the meeting today between President Obama and King Abdullah, a “senior administration official” told CNN that, despite policy differences over Iran and Syria, “the United States and Saudi Arabia are ‘very much aligned.’” Moreover, “Obama and Abdullah steered clear of international complaints of human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia” (they also presumably “steered clear” of human rights abuses in the U.S., although CNN – which likely does not recognize the existence of such abuses – did not indicate whether this was the case). So all in all, it sounds like it was a very harmonious and constructive meeting between these two close, long-time allies and partners."
  • Obama illegally funded (with US tax dollars, of course) violent anti-government groups in Egypt to lay the groundwork for the military coup, which he then illegally supported:
  • Obama illegally supported, and continues to support, the Egyptian military as it slaughters thousands of unarmed protesters and freed the former Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, whose dictatorship the USA supported for thirty years, including through Obama.
    • It is illegal to support a government that takes power by a coup, but Obama is ignoring the law because he wants to stay on the good graces of the slaughtering Egyptian military junta
    • Obama this week warned that groups in South Sudan better not carry out a coup!
    • In a televised interview before the 2011 Egyptian Arab Spring, Obama refused to refer to ultra-rightist Mubarak, at that point in power for thirty years, as a dictator
  • While claiming to support the "Arab Spring" in Syria by waging a proxy terrorist war of aggression against that non-US-client country, Obama has supported or tolerated the crushing of Arab Spring uprisings in US-client dictatorships including Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain
    • Saudi Arabia is the US's biggest oil ally
    • Bahrain is home to a huge US imperial attack base
    • All of these countries are strategically crucial to US hegemony over the resource-rich Middle East, recognized by the US since at least 1945 as a lynch pin to world power.
    • This demonstrates that it is not "democracy", or human rights that Obama supports, but rather he supports unseating strategically important countries that are not under US hegemonic control.  The US has been trying to gain control over Syria for many decades, and has staged multiple coups against and assassinations of Syrian leaders.  See here.  
  • Obama continues to support the Bahrain family dictatorship as it, according to Amnesty International, systematically tortures and imprisons children as part of its repression of the population's attempts to overcome the US-backed dictatorship. 
  • Obama supports (and takes full advantage of) ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity
    • The UK and USA cleansed the island Diego Garcia of its thousands of inhabitants, the Chagossians, about 40 years ago, and will not let them return home
    • The tactics used by the governments to displace the Chagossians included an embargo that aimed at starving the population (terrorism), death threats (terrorism), and the rounding up and extermination of the Chagossians' pets (terrorism).
    • Why did US officials do this?  They wanted the Chagossians' island for themselves - for a base for committing techno-murder and more terrorism.  If you look on Google maps, you can zoom in on Diego Garcia and see how the USA has improved the pristine, tropical landscape by covering it concrete for a giant runway, storage facilities for explosives, and possible torture dungeons. 
    • Instead of, when he took office, immediately letting the Chagossians return to their home after some 40 years of pained exile and legal struggles for justice, Obama decided he also would rather have their island for himself, also because he wanted to use it for a techno-murder and terrorism base for killing people by blowing them up, and other such improvements on what the island was used for by the Chagossians: agrarian farming
    • A petition on the white house website calling for the Chagossians to be immediately returned to their home got enough signatures to get a response from the champions of human rights in the white house.  They said "thank you for your interest," but we like having the island for ourselves and we're gonna keep it as our factory for killing and torturing human beings, and use sleazy underhanded tactics to prevent the Chagossians from ever being able to return, if we can help it: 
    • Wikileaks has revealed cables between the UK and the Obama regime regarding Diego Garcia and the Chagossians.  Obama and the UK decided to declare that the island is a "marine reserve", to make it so that the Chagossians can never return, but, conveniently, the US can still have as many of its own people and bomber jets there as it wants, for its assassination operations, torture sessions, and whatnot. 
    • Leaked cable:
      • Establishing a marine reserve might, indeed, as the FCO’s Roberts stated, be the most effective long-term way to prevent any of the Chagos Islands’ former inhabitants or their descendants from resettling
    • Summary of the leaked cables:
      • HMG would like to establish a “marine park” or “reserve” providing comprehensive environmental protection to the reefs and waters of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), a senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) official informed Polcouns on May 12. The official insisted that the establishment of a marine park -- the world’s largest -- would in no way impinge on USG use of the BIOT, including Diego Garcia, for military purposes. He agreed that the UK and U.S. should carefully negotiate the details of the marine reserve to assure that U.S. interests were safeguarded and the strategic value of BIOT was upheld. He said that the BIOT’s former inhabitants would find it difficult, if not impossible, to pursue their claim for resettlement on the islands if the entire Chagos Archipelago were a marine reserve.
    • The USA and UK avoid talking about the Chagossians by ping-ponging the issue to each other.  If someone asks the US, they say ask the UK.  If someone asks the UK, they say as the US, as the Chagossians protest and suffer in poverty and in the slums where they were dumped by the imperialist criminals.
    • More info on the Chagossians: "Stealing a Nation", a documentary by John Pilger.  Link. 
  • Obama has shot illegal cluster bomb missiles into a crowded civilian market. 
    • Obama ordered one such cluster bomb missile to be shot into a market in Yemen, one week after Obama was awarded a nobel peace prize.  
    • This indiscriminate terrorist attack by Obama killed 41 civilians including sixteen women and twenty one children.  Five of the women who were slaughtered by the hot, jagged shrapnel, pressure-packed into and blasted from Obama's cluster bombs, were also pregnant. 
    • The journalist who exposed this disgusting act of terrorism, Abdulelah Heidre Shaye, was imprisoned in Yemen at Obama's request.  Obama expressed disappointment when Shaye was released after two years (see here), and now he remains under house arrest. 
  • Obama, exactly like George W. Bush did with Iraqintentionally lied to try to convince the US public to support an illegal, overt US war of aggression against Syria.
    • See this article by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour M. Hersh for the specifics of the lies Obama told: http://www.lrb.co.uk/2013/12/08/seymour-m-hersh/whose-sarin
    • The outright lies told by Obama to trick the US public into supporting Obama's illegal, overt attack plan against Syria include:
      • omitting intelligence
      • presenting assumptions as facts
      • saying rebel groups couldn't also carry out sarin attacks, though the Obama regime knew they could
      • "The cherry-picking of things to tell the public was similar to the process used to justify the Iraq war." - Seymour M. Hersh
      • intelligence and military officers saw repeated and deliberate manipulation of intelligence by Obama as part of his effort to use the US war-machine to overtly attack a non-US-compliant country, against which the US was already and is currently waging a terrorist proxy war using Islamic fundamentalist jihadists, causing what is called the biggest humanitarian disaster so far of this century. 
      • For the long list of Obama's war-lies on Syria, and the specifics involved, here is my bullet point list, assembled from the article by Mr. Hersh: http://empireslayer.blogspot.com/2013/12/seymour-m-hersh-white-house-lied-about.html
    • Bottom line: What Obama was trying to get people to support was the equivalent of torturing and killing a person who had not committed the act he was accused of.  This is what Obama does all the time in executing suspects with drones, and will be his foremost legacy, as a murderer and butcher.  
  • While the UN has never accused Assad of using chemical weapons, it has accused US-backed jihadists of using chemical weapons.  
    • Carla del Ponte's UN investigatory team made the accusation that the jihadists used chemical weapons. 
    • Obama has not once called for sanctions against, or even removing US support for, the US-backed jihadists for using chemical weapons, nor has he called for sanctioning or attacking Saudi Arabia for being their overall biggest supporter as well as, according to Obama's white house, the world's biggest supporter of Sunni terrorist groups including Al Qaeda, as well as the Taliban. 
    • The UN has now openly accused the rebels of carrying out the Ghoutta attack that the Obama administration lied and said Assad carrie out: here
  • The biggest news outlet in the US, Yahoo News, as well as the Daily Mail, and others, have reported that Obama approved plans for the US-backed jihadists to use chemical weapons in Syria and make it appear like they were used by the Assad government, to be used as a pretext for an overt US war of aggression against Syria.  
    • These emails have since been claimed to be fraudulent, however: Independent investigative teams have concluded that even the Ghouta chemical attack was indeed carried out by the US-backed jihadists, intended as a false flag attack to provide a pretext for US aggressive bombing. 
    • Multiple UN weapons inspectors and studies, such as one out of MIT, have now said that it would have been impossible for the Syrian government to have carried out the attacks, and that it was almost certainly the jihadists (see here)
    • Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh has confirmed that the US and Saudi backed jihadists had the capacity to carry out the attacks, and that this was well known to the Obama regime.  
    • Under Clinton, US-backed jihadists did the same thing in Kosovo, killing thousands to provide a pretext for US aggressive attack, which Clinton then carried out for months, drastically increasing atrocities in the area.
  • Obama supports ethnic cleansing and chemical weapons attacks against civilians:
    • In the 2009 Gaza Massacre, in which Israel killed 1,400 - 7,000 people, almost all civilians, including at least 400 children, Israel broke a ceasefire and exploded US-provided white phosphorous chemical bombs onto civilians it had targeted (click here for images of Israel's white phosphorus crimes). 
    • Among other targets such as schools, Israel exploded white phosphorous onto two hospitals where thousands of civilians were trying to hide from Israel's massacre. 
      • White phosphorous bombs produce gas and chemical streams that burn at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and slash through human flesh to the bone, or melt people.  The chemical then enters the blood stream and causes organ failure.  When inhaled, the gasses scald the lungs and can produce suffocation and death.  The substance also causes fires that are incredibly hard to extinguish.  
      • To imagine something 1,500 degrees pressed against your skin, think of the red hot coil in your oven: that is about 500 degrees, max.  If that were three times hotter, at 1,500 degrees, and you pressed your hand onto it and melted through your flesh to the bone, that is something like what happens when a stream of white phosphorus hits you.
      • White phosphorous is an illegal chemical weapon.    
    • Read about Israel's war-crimes with US-provided white phosphorous bombs in the Human Rights Watch report, "Rain of Fire: Israel's Unlawful Use of White Phosphorous in Gaza".
    • Since that time, rather than calling for sanctions against Israel, funding jihadists against Israel, or aggressively invading or attacking Israel, US aid to Israel has been increased by half a billion dollars, then increased again by over a quarter billion, with both Obama and Congress mandating these increases. 
      • This puts the total amount of US aid going to Israel in 2014 at approx. 3.85 billion dollars, or 10 million, six hundred thousand dollars a day. 
      • Israel is the biggest recipient of US aid. 
      • in 2013, Israel's illegal settlement building on Palestinian land has increased more than 75%.
        • They recently announced 5,000 new settlements.
        • They then announced 24,000 new settlements, causing Palestinian negotiators to resign. 
        • Israel is working on a campaign to expel 70,000 Bedouin people from southern Israel.   
      • Israel just announced it will be bulldozing 15,000 Palestinian homes in illegally Israeli occupied East Jerusalem. 
      • In 2006 in its US-backed war of aggression against Lebanon, Israel saturated southern Lebanese civilian villages with 4 million illegal cluster bombs. 
        • This indiscriminate attack against civilians, terrorism, was the single most dense cluster bombing ever committed, second to the US dropping 20 million cluster bombs on a larger area of Iraq in 1991.
        • Many of Israel's cluster bombs were provided by the Bush regime. 
        • Obama's response to the above, as noted, has been to vastly increase US tax money and weaponry going to Israel
      • All aid to Israel is illegal under US and International law.
        • It is illegal because of Israel's repeated violations of UN resolutions and because of Israel's illegal supply of nuclear weapons.
        • Israel is the number one violator of UN resolutions in the world, unless vetoes are taken as violations, in which case the US is the number one violator.
      • Obama has vetoed at least 28 UN resolutions condemning Israel's actions or calling for assistance/justice for the Palestinians.  The vote on the latest resolution was 169 to 1.
        • These votes have been ongoing since 1970 and are always the same: The whole world on one side, and essentially the US and Israel on the other, continuing Israel's illegal colonization of Palestinian territories.
      • After the first three days of intensive air strikes by Israel in its 2009 Gaza Massacre, the Security Council attempted to pass Ceasefire Resolution 1860, but the US blocked it, giving Israel the political space it needed to launch a full ground assault.
      • The Ceasefire Resolution was finally passed by the Security Council almost a week after Israel's ground invasion, but the US abstained, thereby affording Israel the necessary political cover to continue its operations.  Obama uttered not a word. 
    • Israel's crimes against humanity against the Palestinians during Obama's time in office include blockades (Gaza is the world's largest prison, financed largely by the USA), occupations, invasions, massacres, terrorism, colonization, and ethnic cleansing. 
      • Again, Obama has personally increased aid to Israel by a quarter of a billion dollars, and vetoed 28 UN resolutions condemning Israel or calling for justice for the Palestinians.
      • In 2008, Obama stated in a public speech that the city of Jerusalem, stolen by the Israelis with US support, must "remain the capital of Israel."  That's support for illegal annexation, an annexation that is condemned and agreed as illegal by literally every authoritative body in the known universe.  (In 2014, Obama pretended to be opposed to annexation when Russia annexed Crimea after a vote confirmed the demographics that everyone already knew, that most Crimeans, who are ethnic Russians, would vote for their land to become part of Russia again, as it was before 1954, when it was arbitrarily put into Ukraine by the USSR.) 
  • Obama rejected inspection protocol for US biological weapons, in contradiction to his statement to strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). 
  • The US is in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The deadline for complete elimination for these weapons passed in 2007; the US requested and received an extension until 2012. The US plans to not fulfill this treaty until 2023, and does not submit to full inspections. Only this last provision is defensible under treaty terms. 
  • The US does not allow inspection of all its nuclear weapons facilities. 
  • The US is in violation of its obligation to make good faith efforts to eliminate its nuclear arsenal. 
    • Instead of simply eliminating nukes as required by law, Obama has invested 355 to 500 billion dollars into developing new types of nuclear weapons.
      • Obama has requested more money for nuclear weapons than any other president. 
      • Which of course causes others to militarize in response: Faced with the Obama regime’s murder of the nuclear weapons reduction treaty, Vladimir Putin said: “We realize all this and know what we need to do.”  Thanks, Obama. 
    • The USA stockpiles more weapons of mass destruction than all other countries combined, and plans to weaponize, and possibly nuclearize, outer space. 
    • "President Obama has been pushing for massive increases in nuclear spending for years, calling it “long overdue.” The plan is under criticism as a violation of the spirit of his promise not to develop “new” nuclear arms" as the new weapons are "dramatically more expensive and have totally different features and uses.
    • Reader comment: "Maybe the USA needs to be treated like Iran concerning nukes?" (Though of course Iran, as all US and Israeli intelligence, and the UN, repeatedly say, has never had and is NOT pursuing nuclear weapons, very unlike the USA.)
  • Obama has aggressively surrounded Russia and China, viewing them as "strategic" enemies (even as the US copiously takes advantage of China's loans and artificially cheap labor) potentially dragging the world towards massive, inevitably deadly war: 
    • “China,” says Obama in a leaked briefing paper, “is our fast emerging strategic threat.” (here)
    • "Washington... is now pushing hard against Russia and China, the current governments of which stand in the way of Washington’s world hegemony." Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, here.  More from Roberts (except for last point):
    • The only reason for Washington to establish military and missile bases on Russia’s frontiers is to negate Russia’s ability to resist Washington’s hegemony. Russia has made no threatening gestures toward its neighbors, and with the sole exception of Russia’s response to Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia, has been extremely passive in the face of US provocations.
    • This is now changing. Faced with the George W. Bush regime’s alteration of US war doctrine, which elevated nuclear weapons from a defensive, retaliatory use to pre-emptive first strike, together with the construction on Russia’s borders of US anti-ballistic missile bases and Washington’s weaponization of new technologies, has made it clear to the Russian government that Washington is setting up Russia for a decapitating first strike.
    • In his presidential address to the Russian National Assembly (both chambers of parliament) on December 12, Vladimir Putin...replied to the threat: “Let no one have illusions that he can achieve military superiority over Russia. We will never allow it."
    • If anyone remains to write a history, the Obama regime will be known as the regime that resurrected the cold war... and drove it into a hot war.
    • Not content to make Russia an enemy, the Obama regime has also made an enemy of China. The Obama regime declared the South China Sea to be an area of “US national security interest.” This is akin to China declaring the Gulf of Mexico to be an area of Chinese national security interest.
    • To make clear that the claim to the South China Sea was not rhetorical, the Obama regime announced its “Pivot to Asia,” which calls for the redeployment of 60% of the US fleet to China’s zone of influence. Washington is busy at work securing naval and air bases from the Philippines (shamefully using the typhoon as one pretext to do so, while ignoring or causing even worse, ongoing humanitarian disasters - see here), South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, and Thailand.
    • China has not been intimidated. China has called for “de-americanizing the world.” Last month the Chinese government announced that it now possesses sufficient nuclear weapons and delivery systems to wipe the US off of the face of the earth.
    • (This is in keeping the the USA's strategies employed from the beginning of its existence, and since only expanded, wherein the US would surround and/or attack Native Americans, then when they responded, would say "Look how savage and violent they are!  This confirms our supremacy and means we have a god-given duty to attack and conquer them!"  When resources were discovered on lands promised to natives, suddenly the US would decide it mysteriously "needed" that land for "national security".  Nothing has changed.)
  • Obama "promised" to end the USA's practice of torture, which, in this culture, started before 1776 and continued non-stop.  Obama's "promise" was a straight lie. 
    • Obama changed around Bush era official torture policies, but still mandates torture, in keeping with his society's practice of torturing non-stop since 1776 (and as a colonial society before that).  See here for details on Obama's specific torture mandates.
    • "A nation that has so often carried out military aggression, wantonly attacked civilian populations and targets, destroyed entire societies, used weapons of mass destruction, and used its armed might to crush oppositional movements around the world - killing millions and displacing tens of millions more in the process - cannot be expected to shy away from torture and other atrocities as it routinely goes about its global business." - Carl Boggs, "Crimes of Empire", pg. 208 (link)  More:
    • Torture and other comparable forms of inhumane treatment have been explicitly outlawed since WW2.  
    • The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 5, states: "no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane, or degrading punishment."  
    • Geneva Convention III, article 49, states: "prisoners of war must at all times be treated humanely" and (article 17) "no physical or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted on prisoners of war to secure from them information of any kind whatever."
    • These rules are to be applied uniformly, with no exceptions, and to be extended not just to members of armed forces but to militias, volunteer groups, resistance movements, and insurgencies. 
    • The Convention Against Torture (1984) directs each state party to incorporate torture as an offense within its criminal law (Article 4).
    • The Rome Statutes of the ICC define torture and other abuses of prisoners as a war crime. 
    • The US is a signatory to the UDHR, the Geneva Conventions, and the Convention Against Torture. 
    • This has not deterred Washington from setting up its own outlaw regimen for treating prisoners and others under its control. 
    • Obama has also continued torture of children (see here)
    • And he has continued to fly people around the world to be tortured (see here)
    • "Finally, Jeremy Scahill – the reporter who broke most of the stories on Blackwater – says that some forms of torture at Guantanamo have continued under Obama, and may even have gotten worse. For example, Scahill points out that: 
    • The Center for Constitutional Rights released a report titled “Conditions of Confinement at Guantánamo: Still In Violation of the Law,” which found that abuses continued. In fact, one Guantanamo lawyer, Ahmed Ghappour, said that his clients were reporting “a ramping up in abuse” since Obama was elected."
    • In short, Obama is not only a liar, thug, murderer, terrorist, and war criminal, he's also a torturer. 
      • "While the Obama administration has claimed unprecedented powers to block civil suits against torturers, it has also used, in court, testimony produced by torture, something that used to be illegal (and still is if you go by written laws)."
  • Jeremy Scahill in Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield, writes, “By mid-2010, the Obama administration had increased the presence of Special Operations forces from sixty countries to seventy-five countries."
    • Special Operations forces are not accountable to congress or the public. 
    • As Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh said of the Special Operations forces at a speaking event in 2009: "Congress has no oversight of it. It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on."
    • According to a Human Rights Watch report published in October, the US Joint Operations Command, a semi-covert arm of the military and CIA, has carried out at least 81 killing operations in Yemen over the past decade. One was carried out in 2002 and the remainder have taken place since 2009—that is, under the Obama regime. At least 473 people, most of them civilians, have been killed in the attacks.
    • HRW says some of Obama's strikes "struck only civilians or used indiscriminate weapons", which is terrorism.
    • On December 17, 2009, the Obama regime fired up to five Tomahawk cruise missiles armed with illegal cluster bombs at the small village of al-Majalah in the south of Yemen.
    • 14 suspects were executed, along with at least 41 civilians living in a Bedouin camp, including 9 women and 21 children. Cluster munitions subsequently killed another 4 civilians and injured 13 others.
  • In violation of international law, Obama has been FAR more trigger happy with drone terror bombings than Bush, increasing the illegal strikes by far over 300%. 
    • A US Center for Naval Analysis study finds that drones kill 10 times more civilians than manned bombers (not that either type of bombings are legal). 
    • Estimates for drone murders say civilians account 98% of victims, which reflects the indiscriminate nature and use of the weapons, which is terrorism.
    • The vast majority of the strikes are what Obama refers to as "signature strikes", which means they don't know the identities of the people they're executing.  They just execute them.
      • Obama carried out one such strike on December 12, 2013.  He bombed a wedding party in Yemen and murdered some 17 more civilians. 
        • Imagine if China, or whoever, bombed a wedding party in the US.  Even if some war criminal like Donald Rumsfeld was there, it is highly doubtful that that would make Washington, and the US public, view the strike as legitimate, and not terrorism.  The people who are happy about and support such terrorist bombings when they are carried out by the USA are the ones who howl the loudest when such strikes are used against them. 
        • This is at least the second wedding Obama has bombed.  In the last one, he murdered 9 children.  Here is a LINK to the known record of all 8 US bombings of weddings since 2001
    • The USA is currently (though likely not for long, thanks to the lovely US/Israeli precedent being set) the only country in the world, aside from Israel, using drones this way. 
    • The USA does not have legal authority to conduct worldwide bombing campaigns.  This authority lies in the United Nations (UN charter is the supreme law of the USA), which has not given the USA permission to carry out any of these bombings.     
    • For perspective on drone bombings, imagine if China (or anyone) were carrying out the same bombings in the United States, killing thousands of civilians, and justifying it by saying they were killing US terrorists (such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Wesley Clark, Barack Obama, and people like Orlando Bosch and Louis Posada Carrilles) who have killed en masse and are inciting and will command more mass killings if China were not executing them, which makes the thousands of US civilian deaths "worth it".
  • Obama has awarded himself the right to execute US citizens without trial, here
  • Obama has a list called the "disposition matrix" (commonly known as his "kill list"),  which he uses, on what he calls Terror Tuesdays, to decide who he feels like disposing of next.
    • Obama has recently bombed the 7th and 8th Middle Eastern weddings or wedding parties bombed by the USA since 2001.  Click here for a list of all of them, with details. 
    • Children and the elderly who have been suspiciously assassinated by drone under Obama include:
      • 16 year old Tariq Aziz after he spoke at a media conference about what life was like under drones in Pakistan
      • 16 year old US citizen Abdulrahmn Al Awlaki, two weeks after Obama assassinated his also US-citizen father
      • grandmother Manama Bibi, who was picking vegetables, alone, in her field behind her house, when she was blown into human hamburger 
  • Drones have been shown to be 10 times more likely to kill civilians than bomber planes (not that bomber planes make terrorist bombings legal). 
    • Obama, in a new book, is quoted telling his aides during a comment on drone strikes that he’s “really good at killing people”.
    • At a dinner event, Obama joked about using Predator drones, which have destroyed so many lives around the world, to kill boys trying to date his daughters.
    • Amnesty International released a report in October documenting the Obama regime's killing of unarmed civilians in North Waziristan in Pakistan.
    • “As far as Amnesty is aware, no US official has ever been held to account for unlawful killings by drones in Pakistan.”
    • Obama carried out the USA's first drone terror attack on Christmas, killing four unidentified people
  • Obama (and White House and US corporate media) silenced women's rights hero Malala Yousafzai's message to Obama, which she gave to him in person, that drone strikes are fueling retaliatory terrorism.  
    • Obama didn't try to kill Malala, like the (until 2001, US-backed) Taliban did (though the USA has killed far more young girls than the Taliban).  Instead, Obama, the white house, and the US corporate media simply ignored, omitted, and thus silenced the parts of what Malala said that they didn't like, much in the way Obama silenced Bradley Manning, who exposed US crimes, and journalist Haidre Shaye, who exposed an Obama terrorist bombing of a civilian market that killed 21 children and 16 women, five of them pregnant. 
  • Obama has continued the USA's illegal sanctions against Cuba, which are condemned every year by almost every country in the United Nations.  The sanctions are ongoing since 1960 and have been called the longest genocide in human history
    • The most recent vote calling for ending the illegal sanctions, in 2013, went 188 to 2 - the entire world on one side, and two countries - the USA and Israel - on the other.  Unfortunately, it so happens that one of the two countries, the perpetrator, the USA, is an ultra-militarized society that has constructed the largest war-machine in history and uses violence and the threat of violence to do what it likes, which in this case is to collectively punish the Cuban population.  Under international law, this is illegal, as it is collective punishment of a civilian population, which is terrorism. 
  • Obama has kept hundreds of prisoners held in US dungeons without charges, many for a decade now, with no evidence against them whatsoever.  
    • Defenders say, as often do, that this is the fault of congress, not Obama.  This overlooks that Obama illegally waged war of aggression against a country (Libya) without the legally required permission from congress.  This not only makes Obama a war criminal, but shows that he does what he wants, regardless of congress.  If he can commit the supreme crime, war of aggression, in defiance of congress, he can also stop committing crimes - holding innocent people in dungeons indefinitely - in defiance of congress.  That he chooses to do only the former illustrates Obama's actual priorities: attacking countries that the US has long sought to destabilize and turn into US client states, NOT freeing innocent people.  (Reminder of a quaint old adage: Innocent until proven guilty.)  
  • Obama has waived a law preventing him from giving support to countries that use child soldiers (that is, younger than the USA's child soldiers.  18 year olds are vulnerable, gullible kids.).
  • In September 2013, the twenty-fourth session of the UN Human Rights Council adopted the resolution reaffirming the declaration on the right to development, with a recorded vote of 46 to 1 (the U.S.), with no abstentions (UN document A/68/53/Add.1). 
  • Domestically, Obama has used the executive power to grant clemency for prisoners less than any other president, commuting only one sentence since taking office almost five years ago.
    • The USA has BY FAR the world's highest rate of incarceration, but not the world's highest crime rates
    • Incarceration rates have increased almost a thousand percent since 1970, despite there having been a decline in crime rate in the decade prior to 1970
      • The US has for-profit prisons; the companies that run those prisons lobby aggressively to keep and maintain laws that will result in more business for them, which in their case means more prisoners: link
      • Prisoners are compelled to work, doing things such as making clothes for the company Prison Blues, often being paid nothing or a few cents per hour - contemporary US slavery - mostly black people.  You would think a black man with so much power wouldn't approve, and would do something.  But you'd be underestimating Obama's capacity to approve of depravity, as long as some cronies are profiting. 
    • The USA convicts and jails minorities, mainly black people, at a vastly higher rate than whites
    • Many people are serving life without parole for minor crimes such as shoplifting (one person for shoplifting, believe it or not, three belts - click report name, below, for more of these examples) 
    • See the ACLU report "A Living Death" (details here), for info on life in the US prison system
    • The USA is the only country in the world where courts sentence juveniles to life in prison.  Currently some ten thousand are serving life sentences.
    • The USA is the only country on Earth that refuses to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Somalia and South Sudan were the other two holdouts, but they've both ratified it now
  • Obama, who as a youth was in some kind of marijuana smoking club called the "Choom Gang" (see here), has averaged 36 medical marijuana prosecutions a year since taking office in 2009, whereas even W. Bush only averaged 20 a year. Most egregious are that many of these cases were brought against persons who needed the drug to ameliorate painful medical conditions.
    • Now Obama comes out and says marijuana is no worse than alcohol.  Doesn't he have a duty to pardon the 154 people he has prosecuted in contravention of his campaign pledge and in contravention of state laws?
    • It is often noted that if Obama had been caught smoking marijuana as a youth, he, like hundreds of thousands or millions of young African Americans (who Obama prosecutes so frequently and pardons so infrequently), would have been barred from prestigious colleges and political office, and would likely be limited to low level wage labor.  But he doesn't worry about this for other people.  
    • Obama "actively opposed the efforts of 5,000 people imprisoned as a result of draconian drug laws who sought to request resentencing." (here)
  • Obama pretends "to be high minded on the issue of the Russian LGBT community..." but in reality "Obama doesn’t care about gay people at all. There are at least ten nations considered American allies that have anti-gay laws far more harsh than Russia’s. Saudi Arabia, America’s partner in international crime, actually executes people because they are gay. Homosexuality is not illegal in Russia, no one has been imprisoned as a result of the propaganda legislation and perpetrators of anti-gay hate crimes have been punished. Meanwhile the sorry record of American states and localities choosing not to punish the white people who kill a black person every 28 hours should be worthy of international boycotts." (here)
  • Obama knowingly takes actions that will help destroy the planet:
    • TransCanada Corporation wants to build the Keystone XL Pipeline to carry oil from Alberta Canada's tar sands to two refineries owned by Koch Industries near the Texas Gulf Coast, for export to Europe; and Hillary Clinton [Obama's Sec. of State] has helped to make that happen.
    • Secretary of State Clinton, whose friend and former staffer Paul Elliot is a lobbyist for TransCanada, had worked behind the scenes to ease the way for commercial exploitation of this, the world's highest-carbon-emitting oil, 53% of which oil is owned by America's Koch Brothers.
    • Obama himself is now trying to force the European Union to relax their anti-global-warming regulations so as to permit them to import the Kochs' dirty oil.
    • Quoted article: here
    • Obama bragged in a speech in 2012: "Now, under my administration, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years. That's important to know. Over the last three years, I've directed my administration to open up millions of acres for gas and oil exploration across 23 different states. We're opening up more than 75 percent of our potential oil resources offshore. We've quadrupled the number of operating rigs to a record high. We've added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some."
  • Obama has extended Bush's infamous "patriot" act multiple times. 
  • Obama ramrodded the NDAA and enshrining indefinite detention and destroying habeus corpus.
  • Obama has used chemical weapons - tear gas - against his own, unarmed people during Occupy protests.  
    • Tear gas is in the same category, under international law, as sarin gas, and is illegal to use against soldiers in war (because it is considered immoral to weaken soldiers with the gas then massacre them, as well as so that it does not cause an escalation of chemical attacks.  But since the powerful are fairly sure unarmed protesters can't escalate the violence being used against them by the state, they feel fine about using chemical powders/gasses to attack them).
    • The United States was a major proponent of the exemption to making tear gas illegal in non-war environments, fearing that the convention might be interpreted to also prohibit lethal injection. The USA is one of the few countries in the world to murder detained prisoners. 90% of the world does not.
    • It's illegal and considered inhumane to deploy CS as a means of weakening enemy soldiers so they might be killed by conventional means—although that didn't stop the United States from using tear and other gasses to flush the Vietnamese out of tunnels and then machine-gun them as they fled.
  • Obama has prosecuted fewer financial crimes than President Reagan, Clinton, or either of the Bush presidents.
  • Obama has transferred more money from the poor to the rich than did Bush. 
  • 71% of Obama's judicial nominees are corporate lawyers.  
  • Obama has overseen the sharpest increase in economic inequality in US history. 
    • "Having spent half a decade stuffing tens of trillions of dollars into the accounts of an ever shrinking gaggle of financial capitalists, Obama declares this to be “a year of action” in the opposite direction. “Believe it, [he says.]” And if you do believe it, then crown him the Most Effective Liar of the young century."
  • Obama is on track to deport 3 million immigrants without papers by the end of his second term, more than any other president.
    • George W. Bush deported about 2 million over two terms.
    • Detainee and deportee counts have escalated more than twice as fast as illegal immigration rates
    • “He [Obama] could go down as the worst president in history toward immigrants,” said Arturo Carmona, executive director of the liberal activist group Presente.org.
  • Obama has prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all previous presidents combined.  
    • The contrast between the Obama campaign promise ("Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government.") and his actual record was so embarrassing and sleazy that he had to erase that promise (and others) from his website.  Link
    • The White House did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the timely deletions.
    • It is sad and pathetic to witness Obama's foaming-at-the-mouth angry, obsessive, vicious attacks against whistle-blowers who expose heinous crimes and abuses of the world's top war-murder, aggression, and surveillance state, and whose actions give us the opportunity to improve our nation and our relationship with the international community (more here). 
    • Full list of the nine whistle-blowers Obama has prosecuted, here.  
  • Obama has greatly increased the surveillance state even beyond George Bush, and shamelessly lied about it over and over and over in his defense of illegal bulk spying that steals secrets for corporations, spies on economic summits, allies, and oil companies, and illegally monitors everyone, while doing nothing in service of its fake purpose, stopping "terrorism" (see here).
  • In a speech he was recently compelled to make about the NSA, "Obama gave his plainest endorsement yet of “bulk collection,” a term he used more than once and authorized explicitly in Presidential Policy Directive 28. In a footnote, the directive defined the term to mean high-volume collection “without the use of discriminants.” (here)
  • Since a federal judge, Richard Leon, ruled on Dec. 16, 2013, that the NSA's bulk collection of public data is illegal and ordered the NSA to cease its collection and destroy all the data, Obama is fighting the ruling.  The case is called Klayman vs. Obama.  This will likely be dragged out for years, during which time Obama will continue the illegal bulk collection of public data.
    • On the same day as Leon’s ruling, the White House rejected any suggestion that the US might grant amnesty to Snowden for exposing the illegal, all pervasive spying aparatus
    • Obama is also fighting for the the hated, criminal NSA in ACLU vs. Clapper.
    • In an exchange with Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has compared the snooping practices of the US with those of the Stasi, the ubiquitous and all-powerful secret police of the former dictatorship in East Germany, where she grew up.  After learning from Der Spiegel magazine that the Americans were listening in to her personal mobile phone, Merkel confronted Obama with the accusation: "This is like the Stasi.
      • Merkel is a (former) Americophile, whose false illusions about the USA are now giving way to the ugly reality that Obama has helped sustain and expand
      • Obama is now the least popular president in four decades, a drastic reversal of the public perception created by his corporate marketing team during his initial campaign in 2008 - a campaign for which he won a huge annual marketing industry award for that year, for deceiving the public better than Apple, McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc.
    • A government oversight panel selected by the president has now also confirmed that the NSA's bulk spying practices are, in the words of a Forbes article on the panel's report, "screamingly illegal.  Flat out.  Not even a close call."  The very existence of the programs is abuse, as well as "criminal". 
    • Forbes goes on, "people charged with upholding rule of law... including top NSA officials and president Obama, chose instead to debauch it."
    • Authorizing bulk surveillance was yet another criminal act by Obama.  
  • Madelein Albricht, Bill Clinton's Secretary of State, is known as Iraq's Grim Reaper for having helped oversee the USA's genocidal sanctions against Iraq that killed 500,000 (and possibly up to a million) Iraqi children.  Here is Albricht on 60 Minutes, in a clip famous especially in the Middle East, saying the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children was "worth it": link.  (Surprising side note: none of the children killed were Albricht's, if you can believe it.) 
    • In 2012, the Obama white house awarded Iraq's Grim Reaper the "highest honor" that the USA bestows upon civilians - the "presidential medal of freedom".  Yikes. 
    • Imagine if, say, Canada carried out sanctions against the USA that killed the US per-capita equivalent of what the USA's sanctions against Iraq killed; that would be almost 9 million (and possibly up to 18 million) US children.  (That would mean every child in New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and then still millions and millions more to go, got sick and died due to Canada's sanctions against the US.)  Then imagine if a Canadian leader famous for saying that killing 9 million US children was "worth it", and who had been nicknamed the USA's Grim Reaper, was awarded the highest honor in Canada, the presidential medal of freedom.  People might start asking questions about Canada like, maybe, "what kind of sick people are running that country, and why aren't Canadian citizens arresting and prosecuting them?"
    • (Side note: Unsurprisingly, Albricht is one of Hillary Clinton's closest advisers: see here.)
  • “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir." -- US General Wesley Clarke, speaking of a plan revealed to him during the W. Bush regime
    • Obama has continued the Bush plans, to "take out" these seven countries, by illegally bombing Somalia, Sudan, illegally bombing and overthrowing the Libyan regime, illegally funding (here) a jihadist proxy war against Syria, illegally trying to bomb Syria, and increasing sanctions against and using dictatorial coercion against Iran while constantly threatening to attack them, all for a pretext - nuclear weapons - that the UN and all US, as well as Israeli, intelligence agencies have debunked multiple times, as in the case of Iraq (note: threats of force, which Obama and others in his regime commit constantly, are of course illegal under international law)
  • At the end of his fifth year in office, Obama has the highest disapproval rating of any post-war president other than Nixon. 
  • On January 1st, 2013, a Win/Gallup international poll of 65 countries, taken every year since 1977, once again found that the USA (currently under Obama) is, by a huge margin, most widely regarded as the greatest threat to world peace.
    • These poll results come after Obama's 2008 marketing campaign, which manufactured huge support for him around the world, but which his real policies and acts (which are a virtual continuation and in many cases worsening of those of W. Bush) have exploded and reversed. 
Obama has repeatedly said: "We are a nation of laws."  As documented here and elsewhere, that is a lie.  Obama represents the USA - not a nation of laws, but an outlaw state intentionally sabotaging the implementation of a system of international law.  Considering this record of Obama's isolationist killings, torture, aggression, honoring of Iraq's Grim Reaper, Madelein Albricht, and other depravities and defiance of the world community and democracy, a  more accurate statement from Obama would be "We are an isolated nation of savage butchers." 

(More details on USA's intentional debauchery and destruction of international law: see "Rogue State", by William Blum, here.  Used copies are available for 66 cents, if you are low on funds.) 

When you hear the US government (voiced by Obama, or whoever is speaking for it) talking about protecting human rights, you can know, with 100 percent certainty, that's not the actual priority.  (And if you forget, you can re-read the above list, for a start.)  So, what is the real motivation?  In short, as seen above, money and power (see here for more examples).  Everything is a strategic calculation with those as the compulsion.

To try to justify (to others, and often in their own minds) the depraved murders, repression, resource stealing, and expansionism, physical and hegemonic, for profit and power, people in imperial societies construct a fanatical culture of supremacist ideology, pretension, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, tribalism, jingoism, racism, and class-ism, which is constantly invigorated and emboldened within the echo-chamber of the society's culture and media bubble.  For a start on details about this, and more resources for research, see the posts on this blog, and Crimes of Empire, by Carl Boggs, here.  

Obama, like all modern US presidents, was vetted by financial institutions, who determined that he would carry out these types of policies, and then financed him to run the most expensive, and arguably deceitful, campaign in history, for which he was awarded a top prize from the advertising industry, beating out McDonald's, Apple, and other leading manipulators of public opinion.

This vetting process to which US presidential candidates are subject is very similar to the process of religious vetting for Iranian candidates, though even that is absent in the Mid-East dictatorships, many of them family dictatorships, supported by the USA, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, and Egypt.

(I do not claim that the above record is complete.  These are just a few of the things that are so well-known that anyone who pays casual attention to non-corporate journalism (ie Antiwar.com), human rights reports, etc., can easily be aware of them.  Please also note that this is a compiled record, and I do not claim to have written all of the above statements, as many are simply pasted here from sources that are linked or cited for fair use purposes.)

Obama needs to be immediately indicted along with Bush, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and many others, so we can set a precedent to discourage and end, as soon as humanly possible, the nonstop stream of worldwide crimes carried out by the USA - crimes that currently are committed with impunity and without fear of punishment, because the US is the strongest country and simply does not submit to legal consequences.  (For example, the USA has something called the Hague Invasion Act, which legislates that the USA will use force to prevent any US official from being brought to the Hague, the International Criminal Court, for trial, including invading the Netherlands to retrieve any US official who has been apprehended: http://www.hrw.org/news/2002/08/03/us-hague-invasion-act-becomes-law)

Human Rights Watch condemns this illegal US attempt to avoid punishment for crimes, and says the International Criminal Court could be the most important legal institution created in 50 years.

The entire purpose of having punishments for crimes is to deter crimes.  If there are no punishments, that means there is no deterrent.  That's the situation in the world regarding the USA.  There is no deterrent, thus everything in the above list, and much more, is unpunished and thus ongoing.

The most ideologically dedicated people will still defend Obama for various reasons.

But you don't hear a lot of defense for all the humanitarian work done by priests after they get caught traumatizing even one kid.  

More details on the butcher, Obama, here, including the fact that Obama has transferred more money from the poor to the rich than George W. Bush:







More details on why the world overwhelmingly picks the USA over all other countries as the greatest threat to world peace:
Rogue State, William Blum
Crimes of Empire, Carl Boggs
Failed States, Noam Chomsky
The Face of Imperialism, Michael Parenti

Note: Though Obama is certainly empirically worse than Bush in several ways, Obama has not started a major war as Bush did, wherein Bush murdered possibly millions of people.  Most presidents don't start a major war, but many presidents continue them, as has Obama.

Under international law, the person in control of the army in question is responsible for its actions, and is thus guilty of murder if illegal war, i.e. war of aggression, is waged.

Obama has also waged war of aggression, as noted above, in his many merciless bombings, proxy wars, and many small-scale invasions using "special" forces, and the like, but this is not aggression on the scale of Bush (though Obama did try to keep troops in Iraq, vastly escalated the US invasion of Afghanistan, and carried out Bush's plans for waging a proxy war of aggression, using terrorist jihadists, against Syria, where there are now 100,000-plus deaths and counting.)

Having not started a war as horrific as Bush's Iraq sadism does not make Obama praiseworthy.  If, to make someone look good, you have to compare him to one of the worst murderers in modern history, that means the person in question is another loser and monster.

Imagine if to feel good about yourself you had to compare yourself to Ted Bundy.   
Hillary Clinton, upon being named Secretary of State, gushed: “I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family.”